The company makes arbitration in cryptocurrency.

Our company has clear goals and we follow them. Today, the company's closest goal is to achieve independence from cryptocurrency exchanges and release its token.

We spend a lot of money on advertising and payment guarantee of our project. Some advertisers require a rather large amount for insurance,which proves our intention to work in good faith. But nothing inspires confidence like the reviews of living people, which you can also find on the Internet.

When working with us you do not need to buy equipment or trade on the exchange. We will do everything for you.

Once registered, you will get free 15 DH / s to gain profits from that power of mining.
You can buy more mining power when you want.

1 DH / s has the value of 1 DOGECOIN.

From 7% to 125% per day.

No, our system will do everything automatically for you.

No, in the future there will be such an opportunity.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 DOGECOIN.

After 6 confirmations your deposit will be made.

We do not charge commission.

To withdraw your DOGECOIN you need a DOGECOIN wallet, that is, the banknote address with which you registered.


You will earn 10% of each deposit from your affiliate, it will be given in the form of mining power.

The percentage of profit of the DH / S will be of 10% Daily, for 17 days.

You can not change your wallet address.